In a nutshell

I write children’s picture books and middle grade novels. I also offer a Master Course on Picture Book Writing and Editing and Picture Book critique services.

I’m a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and an active 12×12er. My agent is Essie White at Storm Literary Agency.

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Awesome upcoming project:

Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence (Sourcebooks, 2019): the first book in a picture book series depicting science as it really is – an epic adventure, complete with heroes, villains and amazing super powers.


Some background:

I have always been (and forever will be) a storyteller. Along the way, however, I’ve done some other pretty cool things as well:

First stop –> Mexico

  • I was born and raised in Mexico City.
  • I grew up in a bi-lingual (Spanish / English) and bi-cultural home (Mexican / American) home. Being fully immersed in these two cultures played a huge role in shaping my identity.

Next stop –> France

  • After high school, my family moved to the South of France for a year.
  • We lived in a very small house at the foothills of the St. Victoire (tight quarters for a family of five, but a small price to pay for broadening our horizons).
  • We learned French, traveled through Europe on a shoe-string budget, and cemented a lasting bond that still defines each and every one of us.

Moving on to –> USA

  • In Indiana – I received an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame where I learned how to be a grown-up (and also a philosopher and writer).
  • [Brief post-college interlude in Japan where I taught English and Spanish in a very small city. My house was surrounded by rice fields and toads that serenaded the moon].
  • In Chicago and Boston – I worked as an intercultural trainer, teaching families how to adjust to their new homes and cultures in foreign countries.
  • In New York – I received a law degree at Columbia University where I learned how to be a critical and analytical thinker (and also a mother when my son came along during my second year of law school).
  • I had two more kids, all of whom have taught me that all of the above pales in comparison to being their mother.

And now –> Germany

  • We moved here almost six years ago to have a new adventure (and along the way expose our children to a different part of the world, learn a new language, and expand our horizons). We’ve achieved all of that beyond our wildest dreams!
  • I live with my husband, three kids, two cats and one very cool axolotl.



Favorite Online Resources

Over the years, I’ve relied on a number of excellent resources to guide me in this wonderful journey. These are some of my favorites.

Writing for Children

The Craft of Writing Well

PB Resources



  • Query Shark – excellent advice on what makes a good (and bad) query.
  • Agent Query Connect – forum for all things query, including critiquing.
  • Query Tracker – quick and dirty stats on agents’ query response times and comments.
  • Preditors & Editors – educate yourself on the good (and bad) agents out there.
  • Absolute Write – everything you ever wanted to know about specific agents and publishers.
  • Literary Rambles – comprehensive and insightful Agent interviews and other goodies.
  • Sub It Club – FB group for all questions about submissions

Hope this helps!

Your turn!

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