There I am in that puddle looking up at me looking down.

At my feet, the lights at my head vibrate in ripples of electric green, as if the sky were slowly trembling.

I see you too, looking out at the distance we have traveled. We have come far, it’s true.

“I know what you’re thinking,” I say. You turn to look at me but I am still looking at myself.

“Do you?”

I do.

“What am I thinking?”

“That we’ve reached the end of the road.”

“Well, haven’t we?”

I look up at the green neon sign before us: THE END OF THE ROAD


I sigh.

“It’s just words”

“… that and the obvious.” You point at the obvious, the end of the road. I’m not dense, I see it just as well as you do, that steep drop-off that nobody ever actually believed existed. From here it looks just like the line of the horizon, as if you were looking out at a vast sea. Except there is no sea before us, just this one lone puddle and then… well, the end of the road.

“What now?”

You know, sometimes you can be rather pushy. I’m trying to think and it’s hard to do that when you keep peppering me with questions.

“Give me a moment, ok?”

You turn to look behind us again. There is nothing there for us. You and I both know that.

A cliche tumbles by in a mess of dirt and wind. “Ugh, I hate it here,” you say.

“Listen, we have two choices: we can keep going…” (queue arched eyebrows) “or we can turn back.”

“Back where?”

“I know.” We look ‘back’ and really, there is nothing there but a vast emptiness to make up for the missing vast sea before us.

“Onwards it is then…”

And just like that, we jump.

The funny thing is, I’m still here yet… you are not. I’m not sure how that happened, how you got away, but you know all too well that this is no place for me. I don’t want to panic or make a scene but I really, really implore you to find a way to get me out of here.

Hold on, I see someone coming.

Shit, it’s him!

… to be continued.

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