If My Baby Had the Words

If my baby had the words, this is what I think he’d say:

May you wake today with the sun shining through your window and a glorious blue sky overhead…

but if the day shall loom dreary and gray and the rains fall heavy on your home, may you find light in my smile, warmth in my company and all the blue of sky in my laughter.

May you feel strength in your body and mind, courage in your convictions, and pride in the choices that you make…

but if your body ails you and your mind tempts you with sorrows, if your courage runs to hide behind your fear and your pride turns into shame, may you find in me the strength you need so that together we can learn to walk away from the aches and pains that assail us, and may your courage and your pride find inspiration in the immense accomplishment that it is to be a mother.

May you never cease in your pursuit of dreams or settle for the here-and-now…

but if you find your dreams elusive and the then-and-there far gone, may you see in me the origin of new and different reveries, limitless in time and space.

And may you always live each day anew, reveling in all it has to offer…

but if you fall into the habit of all the yesterdays gone by, may you pick me up and hold me in your arms, may you love me for that moment as if this were your last day alive.

If my baby had the words… he would be right.


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  1. i had goosebumps from the very first word. so beautifully written, karla!


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