Writers Must Have the Courage to Take a Stance

On the heels of Kate Messner’s post regarding a scheduled school visit which was cancelled at the last minute because one of the book’s themes is the impact drug addiction has on families, I wanted to share another article which touches upon what I believe is our great responsibility as writers. To quote:

“If you want to create art, you need to make judgments about human behavior and take a side. To passively disengage for fear of reprisal is cowardly. Making a judgment, taking a stand and then acting against an injustice or acting to support excellence is the stuff of the everyman hero. And yes, not saying anything, not “judging” the horrible or honorable behavior of other people is acting too. You must choose a position in this world on innumerable moral questions and stand by your judgments. If you are an aspiring artist and you wish to avoid ‘judgments,’ you’ll find that you have nothing to say.”

And to be clear, this responsibility falls not only on the shoulders of those of us who write but on anyone who has the courage and the ability to wield their words in the name of what is right.

Karla Valenti writes books about and for children. She also offers professional manuscript critique and editing services. You can find her on Facebook and on Twitter.

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